SAFETY: Wet Areas, Poolside etc

Product Code: SAFETY: Wet Areas, Poolside etc



  Type "Safe & Soft"  
  Type "Blue Soft"  

There are 5 different types of safety mats available (see details below):

Type 1: Blue Soft
- very fine granules
- with holes
- ideal wide runner for pool surrounds
- Roll: 15mtrs long x 120cm wide x 6.5mm thick           $447.00  ($491.70 inc GST)
- Manufacturing now suspende in favour of Safe & Soft below
Type 2: Safe & Soft
- large granules,
- with holes for drainage,
- flocked for added comfort under foot
- attractive carpet like appearance
- Roll: 15mtrs long x 120cm wide x 8mm thick              $525.00  ($577.50 inc GST)
- Available in Dark blue or black
Type 3: Stair & Step
- large granules,
- with holes for drainage,
- shaped and reinforced with aluminium profile
- Ideal for outdoor concrete or wooden steps
- A strong adhesive backing will provide a permanent bond
- Size: 73cm long x 30cm wide x 8mm thick
  The 30cm depth is 25cm + 5cm return.
- most popular colour: Salt & Pepper
Type 4: Solid
- varying granule sizes as below,
- large black, fine grey, mixed grey
- no holes, drainage by slope only
- Roll: 15mtrs long x 120cm wide x 7mm thick                 $747.00  ($821.70 inc GST)
large granule beige medium granule grey fine granule grey large granule grey
Type 5: Regular
- large granules
- with holes for drainage may be harsh for bare feet
- Roll: 15mtrs long x 120cm wide x 6.5mm thick
- Image below as in stair
- Open structure allows water and liquids to drain away
- Tear proof, extremely hard wearing
- Rot proof
- Anti Fatiguing
- Easy to fit & cut to shape
- Easy clean

- Colours to suit all areas
- 2 year warrantee with proper use
- Non-flammable from cigarettes
- tested according to DIN 4102 B1

- For Ramps, Stairs & Walkways!
- Outdoors, Factory, Home & Garden
- Ideal for the entrances to homes, hotels, banks, retail stores
   and in bars or restaurants.
- Temporary or permanent use
Retail cut lengths: may be available, please enquire

Wholesale full rolls of 15mtrs length: Please enquire as to best price on full rolls
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