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Scrunchable Reusable Shopping Bags

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$9.00 ($9.90 inc GST)
Collapsible, Foldable, Compact,
Scrunchable, Tough & Colourful!



Plastic bags are out and reusable shopping bags are in!

These shopping bags are foldable, collapsible, scrunchable and tough.

You can fit up to a shopping carts worth of groceries in these bags and because they have their own little drawstring pouch to live in you can throw them in your handbag without them taking up too much room! (Ask our staff, they all have them stashed in their hangbags and backpacks!)

Handmade in Bali
100% Nylon
Can be hand washed or machine washed seperately in cold water

Colours are subject to availability. If you would like a particular colour please let us know in the yellow message box on the checkout page and we will do our best to ensure that is the one you receive!