Stretch Step-Tube

Product Code: rtYATu/Step/1.2m/

Stretch Step-Tube

The center strap of this stretch tube reduces wear and tear on the tube and adds a new dimension to your tubing. It also can be used with an exercise step for an impact accelerated workout.

Exercise Tubing with Handles enable toning and strength training of most muscle groups through provision of a resistance. Nylon strap prevents wear and tear directly on the tube.

The Stretch Step-Tubes come in different resistance levels to cater for every fitness and strength level (see resistance levels below).

Resistance Levels:

Yellow Green Black
X-Light Light X-Heavy


Pricing Details:

120cm long Stretch Tube with center strap - $18.00 ($19.80 inc GST) - ALL Resistances!



Watch more videos using the Stretch Tube:

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