Stretch Tube

Product Code: rtYATu

Exercise Tubing with Handles with (or without) handles for resistance toning and strength
training of most muscle groups.

Durable natural rubber tubing for a smooth consistent stretch.



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Available Sizes:

  • 10m rolls (new)
  • 25m rolls
  • 30m rolls (LATEX FREE)
Click here to purchase 1.2m cuts with adjustable handles.


Pricing Details:

Resistance Colour Suggested User Type 10m Roll Price 25m Roll Price 30m LATEX FREE Roll Price
Very Light  Yellow  Children & Junior  $24.00 ($26.40 inc. GST) $40.00 ($44.00 inc GST) $40.00 ($44.00 inc GST)
Light  Green  Regular Women  $30.00 ($33.00 inc. GST) ----- $50.00 ($55.00 inc GST)
Medium  Red  Active Women & Regular Men  $34.00 ($37.40 inc. GST) ----- $55.00 ($60.50 inc GST)
Heavy Blue  Advanced Women & Men  $39.00 ($42.90 inc. GST) ----- $60.00 ($66.00 inc GST)
Extra Heavy
Black Advanced Men $44.00 ($48.40 inc. GST) $65.00 ($66.50 inc. GST) Not Available

You can also purchase HARD HANDLES individually (WITHOUT the Tube) for $15.00 pair ($16.50 inc. GST).


  1. Insert tube into control ring and slide tubing through hole in handle until tubing is all the way through
  2. Squeeze pins on control ring together and push until snug. Pull tubing through handle until desired length is achieved. If using exercise band, by-pass the control ring and insert through the hole in handle.
  3. Pull tube or band to secure in place.

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Please select your desired resistance and size (1.2m single tube w/ handles or 25m roll)