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Bheka Breeze Miniature Tadpole Bolsters

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Cotton - $32.00 ($35.20 inc GST)
Buckwheat - $37.00 ($40.70 inc GST)



Bkeha Breeze Tadpole Bolsters can be used for a whole range of different things. These Tadpoles provide a wonderful soft support that is much gentler than an ordinary yoga block.

  • Approximately 4" x 7" x 13" (10cm x 18cm x 33cm)

  • Use as a meditation seat

  • Use as a knee support in seated pose

  • Support your back during meditation or pranayama

  • Place under your knees to help support your hips in Siddhasana

  • Place under buttocks to take pressure away from the knees in Child's Pose or Kneeling Pose

  • Stack them under your spine for a more comfortable Chest Opener or Bridge Pose

  • Use as a pillow when meditating (Beware, they are super comfortable, you may fall asleep!)

  • Place under knees in Savasana to ease any lower back tension at the end of your practice

Please note: Black & Olive have a strong cotton canvas cover, whereas Crimson & Eggplant have soft suede fabric covers.

Cotton Filled Tadpole Bolsters - $32.00 ($35.20 inc GST)

Buckwheat Filled Tadpole Bolsters - $37.00 ($40.70 inc GST)

Additional Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat Hulls can crush down over time. Instead of replacing your cushion or pillow completely, you can easily top it up and extend it's cushiony life with our 475g top up bags.

Available in 475g Bags - $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST)

Unfortunately we are unable to offer cotton top ups.