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Bheka Breeze Miniature Tadpole Bolsters

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Cotton - $27.00 ($29.70 inc GST)
Buckwheat - $32.00 ($35.20 inc GST)



Bkeha Breeze Tadpole Bolsters can be used for a whole range of different things. These Tadpoles provide a wonderful soft support that is much gentler than an ordinary yoga block.

  • Approximately 4" x 7" x 13" (10cm x 18cm x 33cm)

  • Use as a meditation seat

  • Use as a knee support in seated pose

  • Support your back during meditation or pranayama

  • Place under your knees to help support your hips in Siddhasana

  • Place under buttocks to take pressure away from the knees in Child's Pose or Kneeling Pose

  • Stack them under your spine for a more comfortable Chest Opener or Bridge Pose

  • Use as a pillow when meditating (Beware, they are super comfortable, you may fall asleep!)

  • Place under knees in Savasana to ease any lower back tension at the end of your practice

Cotton Filled Tadpole Bolsters - $27.00 each ($29.70 inc GST)

Buckwheat Filled Tadpole Bolsters - $32.00 each ($35.20 inc GST)