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TADPOLE Versatile MINI Australian Cotton Bolsters

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RECTANGULAR MINI only. Stuffed with Australian Biodegradable Organic Cotton. 
Crimson or Black  From $27



This little bolster will be the most used item in your practice room after your yoga mat. It's soft, it's small, it's cute, and there are so many ways to use it! The most obvious use would be to sit on it in meditation, but it can also be a support for knees in any seated pose such as siddhasana or child's pose.

Stuffed with Australian grown Biodegradable Organic Cotton. 
Support the back during meditation or pranayama. Those with less flexible hips can sit comfortable in Siddhasana. Take the pressure off the knees in Child's Pose

And there are many other asanas to get creative with!

Stick some tadpoles under your bridge or shoulderstand and reap the benefits of holding the asanas far longer than before! The tadpole can go many places where the block can go, while being even softer to hold!

And the tadpole can help you with pranayama!

You'll love using one or two Tadpoles as pranayama cushions for chest expansion... ...and as a gentle weight on  your belly or sternum to bring your attention to your breath.

And of course, the tadpole can be used in tons of ways during everyone's favourite asana...Savasana!

Use the tadpole as a pillow... ...or a support for the lower back and knees

 The easy carry loop, light weight of 2 and a half pounds and petite dimensions of 10cm x 18cm x 33cm makes the Tadpole a joy to take everywhere. The soft sueded polyester material is machine washable and soft

against your skin. Plus its the cutest little bolster you've ever seen.

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$27.00 ($29.70 inc. GST)

Approx. 32cm x 16cm x 9cm

.5 kilos