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THICK 6.2mm Yoga Mat

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Ideal Economy mats for beginners, home practice, studio or padding under another mat. This 6.2mm yoga mat gives you enough padding when you sit, and it doesn't throw you off balance when you stand. Your wrists, your back and your knees will be much happier.

The thickness is useful especially when doing boat and when rocking on the spine. 
This mat is much more comfortable on the heels of the hands in sideways planks and frequent knee-bearing transitions.
Most suited for restorative and yin yoga.

Product Features:

  • 188cm x 60cm x 6.2mm

  • Washable
  • Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or you can purchase our WyldMyrtle Detox Spray here

  • Individually wrapped for easy resale

  • Great for yoga meditation

  • Non-Slip performance

  • Good price breakdown - perfect for studios!