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ToeToe Grip - Trainer Open Toe

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Toe Toe Socks are designed for Yoga and Pilates, they also make perfect alternatives to slippers or going barefoot in the home.

They give your toes and feet all the freedom and comfort of barefoot but without the risk of slipping.

Also help keep your feet at keep to an optimal temperature during exercises classes minimising perspiration.



When you are aware of your toes your feet will function properly, your toes are free to move, so you are able to balance yourself better. When toes move, the blood inside also moves. This keeps your feet at the right temperature - not too hot, not too cold. If your toes move regularly, they will stay in their natural shape. If you keep them rigid they will curve and overlap.

1-9 Pairs $18.60 per pair ($20.46 inc GST)
10-19 Pairs $14.75 per pair ($16.23 inc GST)
20-49 Pairs $13.10 per pair ($14.41 inc GST)
50 or more Pairs $12.55 per pair ($13.81 inc GST)