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Purple 1/2 Block Black 3/4 Block - BACK IN STOCK DECEMBER Purple 3/4 Block

High Density, Straight Edge Yoga Blocks

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Select from the list below: Should Purple blocks be out of stock, please consider our blue blocks with bevel edge (link above)

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From $4.85/each
1/2 Size & 3/4 Size



Yoga Blocks are an essential tool for just about all yogis of all levels. They help to increase your flexibility whilst at the same time providing a stable support for you during your practice. Our High Density Straight Edge Blocks are one of our more popular Blocks as they are made from a highly dense foam that provides a firm support when you need it most.

Perfect for stretches, chest openers, triangle & bridge pose.

If you are looking for a softer block, please click here for our Bevelled Edge Foam Blocks
Or if you would like a more eco-friendly option, we have Rice Husk Blocks and Cork Blocks available