Yoga Blocks: Light, Bevel Edge

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Yoga Block: Light, Bevel Edge

3/4 Block
225mm x 150mm x 75mm

Large Block
225mm x 150mm x 100mm

3/4 High Density Block
225mm x 150mm x 75mm

These foam blocks are made from a sturdy foam which is scratch resistant and have bevelled edges for added comfort for your hands. They are incredibly lightweight yet durable (perfect companion for your yoga class!). Foam yoga blocks lend support and extension to yoga postures. Yoga Blocks provide the support and/or height needed to do poses safe and effectively. When placed between your hands, under the hips, hands or heels they provide the stability and grounding needed to extend fully and hold the pose.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Soft
  • Flat Brick

BUDGET FOAM LITE: 2 Sizes - Bevel Edges for comfortable grip

Type Dimensions Weight Colour Price (depending on ordered quantities)
3/4 Block 225 x 150 x
75 mm
0.13 kg Mid Blue
OR (Orange Rice Husk)
Buy 1-9:      $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST)
Buy 10-19:  $8.00 each  ($8.80 inc GST)
Buy 20+:     $7.00 each   ($7.70 inc GST)
3/4 Block
High Density
225 x 150 x
75 mm
0.13 kg

Black stripe

Buy 1-9:
    $14.00 each ($15.40 inc GST)
Buy 10-19: $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST) 
Buy 20+:  $10.00 each   ($11.00 inc GST)
Large Block 225 x 150 x 100 mm 0.15 kg  Mid Blue Buy 1-9:     $15.00 each ($16.50 inc GST)
Buy 10-19: $12.00 each ($13.20 inc GST)
Buy 20+:  $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST)

Looking for a more eco-friendly option?

Click here to have a look at our Rice Husk Foam Blocks, available in most of the sizes above made a combination of rice husk and high quality foam.

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