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Hands, Knees, Elbows, Head



What are YogaJellies?

YogaJellies are a set of 2 discs that cushion and support any weight bearing area of the body. These 5.5-inch discs are made out of a non-toxic and latex-free silicon-based material.

YogaJellies are for anyone practicing yoga or engaging in an exercise or physical therapy program. YogaJellies are designed to relieve distracting
and inhibiting pain or discomfort, allowing users to fully participate in their desired activity.


"YogaJellies are not just another silly yoga prop destined for the junk bin. This is a prop that works. I recently took a pair of YogaJellies to a Senior Level training attended by 12 studio owners, and by the end of the week, we were all fighting for our turn to use the YogaJellies during practice. Each teacher found a new use for the Jellies, whether it was under the wrists in down dog or against the outside of the foot in triangle. Everyone wanted to know when they could order YogaJellies for their own studios, as they could envision the many different students who would benefit from the addition of this new prop.

Today, I use them in all of my private lessons and in my own practice, and highly recommend YogaJellies to students and instructors alike."

-Lisa Taylor, Senior Baptiste Yoga Instructor and owner of Evolution Power Yoga


"Improve proprioception and dynamic stabilization by moving from one YogaJelly to another. Wrist compression can be reduced for downward facing dog and plank by positioning to reduce the wrist extension. (Very helpful for beginners and wrist arthritis.) Facilitate posterior tibial glide in quadruped to increase knee flexion for total knee replacement patients without excessive pressure into the knee joint. (Place Yoga Jellie under the tibial tubercle.) Reduce joint pain in multiple positions for the beginner and challenge the advanced yogi in balance postures.

Benefits for Physical Therapy and Yoga Practice Enhancement:

  • Improve core stability, balance, proprioception, and strength
  • Dynamic core stability is improved through a progressive series of positions/postures
  • Balance is challenged (improved) during activities in quadruped, kneeling, and standing
  • Proprioception is facilitated for the ankle, knee, shoulder, and back
  • Strength increases in all stabilizing muscles"

-John S. Taylor PT, Director of Agape Physical Therapy









Price:  $89.50
/ set of 2 ($98.45 inc GST)