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Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Mats & Cushions

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from $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST).
Stuffed with Australian grown Biodegradable Organic Cotton or Buckwheat hulls.
Inflatable Mediation Cushion available




V-Shape Tilt,
Round Zafu &
Zabuton Cushion colours:


TRAVEL Portable INFLATABLE 50cm Meditation Cushion

50cm diameter x 14cm high approx.  Comfortable for kids and adults.

Meditate on the move! Cushion is easily inflatable and folds down to fit in a bag/suitcase for travelling overseas etc. Great for camping, meditation retreats. Available in blue (pictured). Ball weight approx 1kg.

You'll literally be sitting on air with this highly portable purpose made lightweight zafu ball. Cover with textile for beauty around the home. It's durable enough for outdoor use, easily washable, and can be inflated in seconds.

  • Eases the back into perfect alignment:
$59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)         

V-Shape Tilt Cushion (Heart Shaped / Crescent Moon)

approx. 46cm x 29cm (V) x 19cm high

Designed to aid sitting up straight and spinal alignment whilst meditating.
Wedge profile tilts pelvis slightly forward on the yoga cushion, minimises upper back pain, whilst maintaining correct curvature of the lower back. Tapered thigh supports with heel area support. Choice of brushed organic cotton fabric . Easy clean, simple to pack and carry.

Available with either cotton or buckwheat fill.

COTTON FILLING: $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST)
BUCKWHEAT FILLING: $46.00 ($50.60 inc GST)

Round Zafu Cushion

approx. 42cm diameter x 21cm high     

Traditional Zen meditation cushion with convenient carry handle. These are stuffed with cotton.  
Moulds to body shape for total comfort, supporting hips, knees and lower back. Easily adjustable height, great as a foot rest as well.
Large colour choice. Colors blend well with Zabutons.

Available with either cotton or buckwheat fill.

Not available in blue as pictured. See above for actual colours


COTTON FILLING: $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST)
BUCKWHEAT FILLING: $46.00 ($50.60 inc GST)

OM Cushion

Only available in Round Zafu.

Available with either cotton or buckwheat fill.


COTTON FILLING: $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST)
BUCKWHEAT FILLING: $46.00 ($50.60 inc GST)

Moon Cushion

56cm x 30cm x 22cm approx.

Provides extended support the entire length of your thighs. The curved heel cradle is tailored to fit either heel snugly, allowing you to draw your feet in close to your torso, minimizing stress to your hips and knees.
Buy with Zabuton and save another $2 each - $101.00 ($111.10 inc GST) .

Available with Cotton fill only.


$54.00 ($59.40 inc GST)


80cm x 80cm x 8cm approx.

A Zabuton is often used under a zafu cushion to provide comfort and support to assist you in your sitting practice. Being versatile yoga props, Zabutons can be used as a shoulder stand pad or as a bolster when folded in half. The mat comes folded and bound with an 'over the shoulder' strap for easy carry home and away.
These Zabuton mats are strong and soft, made with strong cotton fabric to last.
Generously stuffed with natural cotton in a natural cotton casing, they offer comfortable support. 
The zabuton outer cover is made of a sturdy, 100% twill cotton.
The cover features a zipper along one side so it can be easily removed and washed.
Crafted in India to Institute specifications.
Colors combine well with the Zafu range.

Available with cotton fill only.


$56.00 ($61.60 inc GST)


Save $4.00 compared to buying these items individually.

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Zabuton available with cotton fill only.


COTTON ZAFU - Only $93.00 ($102.30 inc GST)

BUCKWHEAT ZAFU - Only $98.00 ($107.80 inc GST)

Purchase Additional Buckwheat Hulls

You can purchase buckwheat hulls below. As a guidline, a 42cm round x 21cm high pillow uses about 2.3kg of hulls.

$11.00  ($12.10 inc GST) (475gram bag)

Buckwheat Offer!
You can order the zafu and v-tilt cushions (NOT zabuton!) with Australian grown buckwheat stuffing for an additional $5 per cushion ($46.00 each ex GST). Note that the buckwheat cushions may take a few days to deliver as they are usually made upon order!

Which Zafu is right for me?

Buckwheat Zafus - Australian grown

  • Ideal for
    • Sitting in the cross-legged or lotus positions, or any variation.
    • Sitting in the seiza (kneeling) posture
    • Long-legged or tall meditators - The buckwheat zafu can be turned on its side or paired with a square support cushion for additional height. (A higher sitting position is generally more comfortable for those who have less flexibility in their hips and knees.)
    • Meditators of all shapes and sizes!
  • Benefits of Buckwheat Zafus
    • No break-in period required
    • Conforms to your own individual posture
    • Great support
    • Can be turned on its side to for use in the seiza posture

Cotton Zafus - Australian grown organic

  • Ideal for
    • Tall and/or long-legged meditators and those with larger frames
    • Long-time meditators
  • Benefits of Cotton Zafus
    • Extra height and width for taller and/or larger-framed meditators who are less flexible
    • Turn on its side for the seiza posture and gives a bit more height than the buckwheat zafu
    • Those who prefer a frim seat with a solid support
Since early times Zen Buddhis monks have practiced in their 'Zazen' sitting position gaining comfort and support from Zafu cushions, usually round. This sitting practice is traditionally low to calm the mind and body and help develop insight into the nature of existence and enlightenment known also as 'Satori'.

"I received my zafu and zabuton, today. Fantastic service and I can't wait till my first sit with it! Very excited.Many thanks in making it happen so quickly." Taryn

Our EMP  ZAFU's were chosen to be used at the recent Dalai Lama conference held in Australia.
" They were fabulous – thank you. We gave most away to the Sangha that attended and have some left for other centres. When we have given them to centres, they have certainly commented on the quality. I am sure if they would like to purchase them they will contact us and we will most certainly pass on your details. With best wishes, Lynn Lynn Bain   General Manager, Dalai Lama in Australia Ltd "
"I ordered a Cresent Buckwheat Zafu and Zubuton from you guys on Friday and it arrived today. Would just like to say thankyou for the absolute speedy delivery, awesome communication and superb product you have. The postage charge was totally reasonable too, a lot of people charge a lot more than you have for things a lot lighter than that. My humble thanks, and I will be recommending you to anyone who wishes to purchase a new meditation cushion or zabuton."

"Hi Louise, I have received the items yesterday afternoon and am very happy....thank-you so much for promptly sending the items out...Much appreciated!. Have a great weekend - J "
"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that i have picked up the cushion and mat yesterday at my local post office.  The order actually arrived on Friday, but no one was at home to receive it. I've used the mat and the cushion last night for my mediation practice and my body felt better supported and more comfortable than on old yoga booster I've used in the past.  The buckwheat husks make a big difference! Thanks you for prompt shipment and for a great value product! Raby, NSW"

"hi there.  just a quick note to say thanks for the amazingly fast delivery of my meditation cushion (i ordered last thursday and it arrived about 10 minutes ago)!!  it's so much comfier than i'd thought it would be, and i'm really happy with it. thanks for excellent service, satisfied customer cara"