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Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Mats & Cushions

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If you would like to mix & match colours, please let us know in the yellow message box on the checkout page.

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Round Zafu Cushions

Approx. 42cm Diameter x 21cm High

Traditional Zen Meditation Cushion with convenient carry handle. Moulds to your body shape for total comfort meanwhile supporting hips, knees and lower back.

Available in Black, Green, Purple, Navy, Maroon and Black & White Om

Cotton Filling - $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST)
Buckwheat Filling - $46.00 ($50.60 inc GST)

Black Round Zafu

Green Round Zafu

Purple Round Zafu

Navy Round Zafu

Maroon Round Zafu

B&W Om Round Zafu


V-Tilt Cushions (Heart Shape / Crescent Moon Cushion)

Approx. 46cm x 29cm (V) x 19cm High

Designed to aid sitting up straight and improve spinal alignment whilst meditating. The V-Tilt is the preferred option for people who do not have a lot of flexibility in their hips as the shape allows for more leg room.

Available in Black, Green, Purple, Navy and Maroon

Cotton Filling - $41.00 ($45.10 inc GST)
Buckwheat Filling - $46.00 ($50.60 inc GST


Moon Cushions

Approx. 56cm x 30cm x 22cm

Provides extended support to the entire length of your thighs. The curved heel cradle is tailored to fit either heel snugly, allowing you to draw our feet in close.

Available in Purple or Blue

Only available with Cotton Filling - $59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)

Black V-Tilt Cushion

Green V-Tilt Cushion

Purple V-Tilt Cushion

Navy V-Tilt Cushion

Maroon V-Tilt Cushion

Moon Cushions
(Only available in Blue)


Zabuton Cushions

Approx. 80cm x 80cm x 8cm

A Zabuton is often used under a Zafu cushion to provide comfort and support to assist your in your sitting practice. Being a versatile yoga prop, Zabutons can be used as a shoulder stand or pad, or as a bolster when folded in half.

The Zabuton Cushion comes folded and bound with an 'over the shoulder' carry strap for easy portability.

The Zabuton outer cover is made of a sturdy 100% twill cotton. The cover features a zipper along one side so it can be easily removed and washed and the inner cushion is stuffed generously with cotton for comfort and support.

Available in Black, Green, Purple, Navy and Maroon

Only available with Cotton Filling - $56.00 ($61.60 inc GST)


Travel Meditation Cushion

Approx. 50cm Diameter x 14cm High

Meditate on the move with our easy to inflate and easy to deflate meditation cushion. Great for camping and meditation retreats as the cushion can be deflated and folded down to fit in a bag/suitcase. It is durable enough for outdoor use, is easily washable and can be inflated in seconds.

Only available in Blue (pump not included)

$59.00 ($64.90 inc GST)

Black Zabuton

Green Zabuton

Purple Zabuton

Navy Zabuton

Maroon Zabuton

Inflatable Travel Cushion


Additional Buckwheat Hulls

You can also purchase additional Buckwheat Hulls for your Zafu or V-Tilt Cushion

475g Bag - $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST)
As a guideline, our Zafu or V-Tilt Cushions use approximately 2.3kg of Buckwheat Hulls per cushion

Buy a Set & Save!

Buy a Zabuton Set with a Cotton Zafu or V-Tilt Cushion - $93.00 ($102.30 inc GST)

Buy a Zabuton Set with a Buckwheat Zafu or V-Tilt Cushion - $98.00 ($107.80 inc GST)