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Additional Nylon Ropes Optional Swing Cushion

Standard Yoga Swing Aerial Hammock

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$119.50 ($131.45 inc GST)
Most Popular Aerial Swing
In Australia since before 2004



Float above the ground with the swing supporting your body weight as you work through horizontal, vertical and inverted movements.

Swing converts to a large hammock size approximately 150cm x 250cm.

  • Yoga swings allow for more freedom and movement

  • Inversion exercises increase blood circulation

  • Using gravity in resistance exercises will help to stretch, strengthen and increase the flexibility in muscles

  • Relieves stress and spinal pressure / compression

  • Promotes good health & longevity

  • Maximum weight approx. 200kg

Kit Includes

  • Swing Made from high quality, high strength parachute silk nylon
  • Handles
    2 sets, each with 3 foam handles
  • S-Hooks
    Includes 2 for easy, secure hanging
  • Climbing Straps / Daisy Chains
    2 x 140cm Looped Nylon Climbing Straps
  • Carry Bag
    Drawstring, colour-matched carry bag
  • Instructional DVD

Optional Extras

Yoga Swing Cushion
Need some extra comfort and support? Try the yoga swing cushion! Made with a cotton drill cover and cotton stuffing

$29.00 ($31.90 inc GST)

Yoga Swing Additional / Adjustable Nylon Straps
For those who need to hang their yoga swing from a higher than normal position. You may need to purchase an extra set of 1.4m long adjustable nylon straps to join the ones supplied with your swing. These strong, durable straps have 10 divisions that are 15cm apart.
Please check your adjustment straps regularly as they could become worn over time and with continued use which could cause them to erode and subsequently break. You are responsible for your own safety so please check.

$20.00 per pair ($22.00 inc GST)


Buy 1-4 Swings
$119.50 each
($131.45 inc GST)

Buy 5+ Swings (or total order over $600)
$107.55 each
($118.30 inc GST)

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