Yoga Wedges

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This yoga wedge is made out of high density foam allowing for deep stretching and maintaining alignment. This yoga wedge can be used in many different positions such as under your heels to stretch your calves, under your wrists when doing a downward dog or under your buttocks when stretching your hamstrings (see some example usages below).


The foam reduces the pressure that is put on your joints while holding a stretch making it a more comfortable and healthy experience. It is suitable for yoga beginners and pros alike, allowing you to get more out of your stretch!


....  slant board, for the ultimate calf stretch......

available sizes
 Small Wedge  Large Wedge  Slant Board


Pricing and Size Details:

Type Dimensions Weight Price (depending on ordered quantities)
Small Wedge

600 x 90 x 30 mm
approx. 25°

0.13 kg Buy 1-9:      $11.00 each ($12.10 inc GST)
Buy 10-19:  $9.00 each ($9.90 inc GST)
Buy 20+:    $8.00 each   ($8.80 inc GST)
Large Wedge

500 x 155 x 45 mm 0.13 kg Buy 1-9:   $29.50 each ($32.50 inc GST)
Buy 10+:  $25.00 each ($27.50 inc GST)
The yoga wedge can be placed under your hands to help anchor your heels or reduce pressure on your wrists.
Slant Board
300 x 315 x 95 mm 0.5 kg Buy 1-9:   $25.00 each ($27.50 inc GST)
Buy 10+:  $20.00 each ($22.00 inc GST)
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